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Many websites are offering the service, to watch free movies com streaming online and live TV channels streaming online, which is completely illegal.

Suggested Movies

You can watch movies online free full movies using our search engine. All the results are powered by Google. You can watch star wars the force awakens full movie online, end of watch full movie. Watch deadpool full movie online free, watch suicide squad full movie online free, dilwale full movie watch online. You can search any movie related to any category whether it is horror, comedy, drama, action, thriller or any other. You can watch mockingjay part 2 online free full movie megavideo, watch batman vs superman full movie online free, watch zootopia full movie, watch suicide squad full movie, conjuring 2 full movie watch online. You can also watch finding dory full movie watch online free, fast and furious 7 full movie watch online free.

Suggested Sports

You can watch real madrid vs barcelona, barcelona vs real madrid. You can search to watch live sports streaming, football live streaming, watch nba finals online, watch pakistan vs india and india vs pakistan cricket match.

Movie Maker and Film Producers

Every movie maker and the film producer spend a big budget on making movies and films. Some of the movies generate a big revenue on the Box Office but some movies do not perform well. Such movies only generate enough to meet the money spent on that movie. Movie maker and film producers spend money to get business. From that earned money, the people who worked in the movies are paid. 

TV Channels' Backend

The owners of TV channels make TV channels to earn money. They invest a big budget on making TV shows, TV dramas, TeleFilms and comedy programs etc. The people watch their channels, share their videos, the programs get popular and they gain TRP which results in great business. They make official websites to serve their live streamings like the website Project Free TV

Jobs Opportunities in Movies

When a movie maker or film producer decides to make a movie, he needs to hire people to work in his movie. He needs actors, actress, singers, music composers, spot boys, camera men, directors and many other people to work in a single movie. Even a small movie involves a big number of people. Hence, every new movie creates opportunities for the people to work in the movie. Every person, who is playing any role, is paid according to the movie's chances of success. Most of the movies have a pre-decided budget. 

Jobs Opportunities in TV Channels

Similarly, the owner of a TV channel hires the people belonging to different categories, including anchors, actors, producers, directors, spot boys, workers, and a big range of other jobs. Most of the people working in a TV channel are highly paid according to their fame and popularity. 

What is happening?

A trend is getting common day by day which is predicting the worse condition of TV channels and film industry. The trend is the people have started to stream free movies com online. These people pay no royalty to the owners of the people but they make revenue from their movies and TV channels. There is a big number of unemployed people who search for free jobs alerts on the internet to meet their needs. Movie makers and TV channels are not less than a great opportunity for these unemployed people.They offer jobs to a big number of people and accommodate them. These people are paid on the basis of channels' revenue and movie box office revenue. These movies and TV channels make money from their own official websites by showing live TV streamings and live cricket matches, live football matches, live wrestling and much more and earn from the ads on the internet. 

How they are earning from TV channels?

A TV channel has an official website. Most of the TV channels also show their Live telecast on their official websites which are monetized with different contextual ads networks. The channels make revenue from their online viewers and visitors and rest of the money get from the ad's sponsors on TV channels. Unfortunately, some people have websites on which they embed the live streaming codes of these channels and show to the viewers. These people pay nothing to the TV channels but earn money. In short, they are trying to get the part from the revenue for doing nothing which is unethical and illegal at all.


Every movie and film, every creative work, every broadcast provides protection to its owner by providing copyrights. The law protects the intellectual property of someone with Copyrights Law. According to copyrights law, you can use someone's intellectual property for personal use and non-commercial use, that comes under fair use policy, but you can not use the work commercially unless you get consent from the owner of intellectual work.


We should not avoid Copyrights Law and we should respect the Law. The websites like YesMovies, Watch Free Movies Net, Watch Movies Net, Watch Free Movies Com, 123 Movies, Movies 123, and others, we should not promote them, rather we should ask them to get charges from us t the watch movie and pay the royalty to the owner of intellectual work.

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