Monday, July 24, 2017

Katrina Kaif's Movie Tiger Zinda Hai

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Katrina Kaif - Tiger Zinda Hai

Katrina Kaif is an Indian actress She has worked in many movies. The new movie that will be released in the month of December 22, 2017, is "Ek Tha Tiger". Katrina Kaif did a great job in her previous movies. Katrina Kaif is still on the way of success. The film script was started in the mid of the year 2010 and it was cast in five different countries. Initially, the film was released in the year 2012, but due to some reasons,  it was not released.

The director and producer of the film believe that this film will hit the box office and this will earn a great revenue because they believe that this film has a lot of action and music.

The major roles of the film are "Katrina Kaif" as Zoya and "Salman Khan" as Tiger. At first, it was decided that Kabir Khan was a director but later on it was changed due to some reasons. I may 2011,  some reports said that Shahrukh Khan and Katrina Kaif was would be cast together in a film "Ek Tha Tiger".

Some reports said that film casting was started in May 2011. The spokesperson of the film said that the film was delayed due to the production requirements. the film's first part took place in Dublin, Ireland. And second part took place in Istanbul and third part took place in Havana. film's last casting was in Bangkok, Thailand. But the film lasted in Delhi.

The film first poster was released in may 2011. And the film trailer earns a wide range of views in the first two days. some reports said that it had 2 million reviews in the first two days.the film was marketed in different big cities of India. Outside the India, the film was received positive views from overseas Indians. The film earned a lot of revenue in overseas countries but the film has not earned revenue in the Pakistan because it will not be being released in the Pakistan.

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