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Is 123movies legal ?

Is 123movies legal
Is 123movies legal?

It is not only about 123movies, it is about is showing any movie on your website is legal?

Whenever someone plans to make a website, his mind must go towards a website that provides entertainment to its users. From the statistics found on the internet, the most searched content on internet related in entertainment category is related to movies. 

When a movie is released, the people desire to watch movie online without paying any charges and avoiding the hassle of long queues in cinemas for the tickets. To watch movie online is better than queueing for tickets but it is completely unethical and unfair. 

A movie maker spends millions of dollars in making a movie to entertain his audience, but if he will not earn any money from the movie, why will he make movies? It is completely an unethical and discouraging behavior of the people to make websites like this and provide content illegally. 

A big number of searches for a movie on the internet is not less than a happy news for a movie owner but on the other side, it increases the chances of infringement of copyrights.

There are a list of movies networks and websites that claim themselves to be legal including a series of 123Movies and watch movies online portals. 123Movies is not a property of a single person. The people from different countries have their own 123Movies networks but these are not legal at all. These websites show copyrighted content without any consent. These websites claim that all contents are uploaded by the people, we are not involved or owner of any such content,  we do not host the content on our server which saves these people from being sued. But still, these people are wrong and involved this unethical act.

The high statistics of such searches on the internet triggers the bloggers and website owners to catch traffic and earn money by showing movies. Fortunately, there are some legal ways to show a copyrighted content on the internet which must be obeyed to avoid any unfair and unethical activity. 

The people on internet searches for pirated movies to save money but owners of any copyrighted content do not want this happen. The legal way to handle all these issues are:

Contact the owner or production company of that movie and buy commercial rights from them. A common example is cinema industry. The owner of a cinema is not the owner of the movie and the owner of the movie is not the owner of a cinema. These both have to work together to succeed in their business but after all both of them pay each other for their products. The cinema owner buys movie commercial rights from the owner and shows the movie in his cinema. 

A website owner does not own any cinema, but he is owning a website that is far more than a cinema. A cinema can hold only a small crowd but a website owner can catch the world wide crowd. It may be possible, a movie owner agrees on giving your commercial rights to sell copies of the movie, but he will not agree in initial months of the movie release. 

Without getting commercial rights from the owner of the movie, you are not allowed to show or stream any movie on the internet even if you own a similar keyword domain name. 

Note: is completely legal and respects the law of every country.
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